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Six Interesting Facts About The Space

When it comes to space life, most people are not aware of what they contain. The vast space filled with stars and other bodies makes it hard to try to figure out about it. The following are the six facts that you need to know about the space.

There Are Thousands Of Planets

You might think that there are only eight planets in the solar system. Most of the planets are outside the solar system. The planets that do not form part of the solar system are known as the exoplanets and they rotate around a certain star. It is recorded that there are over 1800 other planets and the other 3000 are under study to become full planets.Most of these planets do not support life as they are made up of hot gas.

The Sun Requires Million Earths For Them To Have The Same Size

It was once believed by the ancient astronomers that the Earth was the largest of the planets and it was at the center. After research it was discovered that the sun is bigger than the earth and the Earth rotates around the Sun. The Sun is so big that several Earths will be required to form the same size of the Sun.

The Weather Are Adverse In The Different Planets

The weather that is experienced on Earth is different from what is experienced on other planets. research has shown that the Jupiter has been hit by the hurricane for the 300 years. The Mercury and the Venus that are closer to the Sun are known to be very hot. Venus is considered to be one of the hottest planets.Neptune has the fastest winds among all the planets.

The Space Is 100 Km Away

The space is labeled with the invisible Karman line. When you reach the 100 km mark upwards, then you will be in the space. That means that you can reach the space in less than an hour when you decide to drive going upwards.

Crying In Space Will Cause Your Tears Not To Fall

The tears do not touch the ground when you decide to cry. Crying will only lead to the tears running into bubbles and stick around your eyes.When you cry the tears will form the bubble around your eyes and they will not fall. The floating process quickens the peeling of the dead skin in your feet.

No Planet Is Hotter Than Venus

Despite the fact the mercury is the nearest planet to the sun, it is no the hottest. Venus maintains the record of the highest planet because of having clouds that absorbs the heat from the sun. The mercury only maintains hot temperature when exposed to the Sun and loses its heat during the night.

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