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A Guide for Choosing a Suitable Golf Course for your Playing Level

Golf is one of the most popular individual sports out there. On top of the professional players there are many amateur players who play the game for fun. Players who are just starting out have a long way to go before they can reach the playing levels of professionals. A game of golf is most enjoyed when a player plays in a course that matches their ability. Some players, especially beginners, may find some courses being too challenging. Below is a useful guide for helping you settle on a suitable golf course.

As a golfing enthusiast, there is a high chance that you know other players who share your passion. There is also a chance that you know players with more experience playing on different golf courses. Ask such people for tips and they will direct you to suitable courses. Looks for people with experience in many courses and those who know your playing ability. From this list you can narrow down the choices based on other criteria.

For more informed recommendations, consult a professional golfer. These professionals may be former players who work in golf courses in various capacities. Provided the professional knows your game first hand, they can give very suitable courses for your playing level. Your trainer is especially well positioned to offer useful recommendations.

You can also turn to the internet for suitable recommendations. You can use a golf courses’ official website to find out more about each course. Since you know your ability, choose a course whose specs are challenging but still within your capability. Read comments posted on other websites about players’ experience playing in the course. Find out what other players are saying about the course, especially those in a similar playing level.

Every player should know their drive length or yardage when they reach a certain playing level. Different players will have different drive lengths depending on their natural ability and skill. With this information in mind, choose a course that has an appropriate length between the holes. This is because you want to complete the course within the allowable strokes.

Demo days usually offer an inexpensive way of learning more about a course and gauging your ability. On demo days, players get the opportunity to be oriented to the course and play some golf. Most golf courses do not charge playing fees during the demo days. You can use such days to determine how appropriate a certain course is to your playing ability. It may be more inconveniencing to take advantage of demo days for courses that are too far.

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