The Haven Convention 2017 With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Was A Huge Success!

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been preaching the word of God for well over 25 years and has even started up Christ Embassy International to help him in his journey to reach even more people across the world to spread the word of God as well as show people the true meanings in the words of the Bible and what it is that is written in the passages throughout the Bible to give people a real understanding of how God loves you and how God is here for you in your life all throughout your life.

Chris Oyakhilome and Christ Embassy just had a successful event with the Haven Convention 2017 just recently for people to get that understanding of Christ’s words in the Bible.

Many people from all across this world, gathered together to listen to the preaching of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome about the word of God and all the things that is written in the Bible to help affirm their beliefs and even those who need to reaffirm their beliefs were welcomed to join in this glorious occasion.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome brought a wonderful worship with all of these people across the world, who together strengthened their bond with Christ by listening and praising all that it is that the Pastor had to offer from the scriptures that are written in the Bible on a new television station that showed everyone the power that the Lord brings through people of all nations worldwide.

Loveworld USA was launched just for occasions such as this as well as giving you daily sermons, ministries and prayers so that even the most lost souls trying to look for the calling of God will have somewhere that they can turn to easily.

Loveworld USA is the perfect platform to broadcast events such as this one so that people all over the world can have a place to gather and worship and find the meanings in the word of Christ and to have the power of God shown to them even in the comfort of their own homes.

Loveworld USA, together with the help of Spectrum is able to bring people together from all over the world at any time of the day for events like the Haven Convention 2017 and the entire Haven Nation and many more events to come where the future is bright and people’s faith will only be strengthened by the words of God as told by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as only he can preach that word from the scriptures that are written in the Bible for a purpose in everyone’s life to help them to get through what may seem like even the toughest of times to let them know that God is there for them no matter what struggles life may bring to them day to day.