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The Benefits Of A Genuine Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are believed to have come from Tibet around four thousand years ago. What’s more, these singing bowls are believed to be used for sacred purposes by the Tibetan monks. In fact, even before the existence of Buddhist religion, there were shamans who made use of these singing bowls.

Studies have revealed sounds and vibrations generated from a singing Tibetan bowls can affect the human mind and body intensely. The sound of a singing bowl, for instance, causes relaxation of our minds and bodies so that we can concentrate deeper on the inner self. One can attain the relaxation that they need by getting massaged through the sounds and vibrations of the healing bowl.

They can alleviate the mental disorders that we may be having. They can also help meditate effectively. The vibrating frequencies help bring the mind in a relaxing state.

The singing bowls are currently generated in Nepal and India. They are alloys of three to five metals. However, you can get others that are made of up to seven metals. These are specifically high-quality ones. And since every singing bowls are made individually, none of these products will have the same healing capabilities. They are mostly handmade.

The healing bowls are some of the products that are needed almost everywhere. And it is a common phenomenon that some industries might try to manufacture counterfeit singing bowls to reap from unsuspecting buyers. So, you need to be cautious when buying these amazing products.

You need to ensure that you choose the original singing bowls. Here are some wonderful insights that will help you pick genuine singing bowls that you need.

First and foremost, you need to know that characteristics of an authentic singing bowl. So, you need to conduct a research about this.

If you have access to brick, you can test the sound by striking it. You need to be keen to ensure that the sound last for few minutes and has to have several layers of tones. Before you close your transactions, it is best if you can determine if the sounds and vibrations touched your heart and if it impresses you.

If you are buying the singing bowls online, ensure that the site has the audio clips of the bowls that are on sale. A good store need to have such audio clips for your assessment. What is more, the best store needs to send a sample so that you check it for authenticity.

It is also essential that you know the pitches that you are going for. The small bowls will produce higher pitches while the bigger bowls will generate lower and louder pitches. Pick the size that will give the impact that you need.

It is also essential that you look at the number of the metals that were used. Generally, singing bowls are made of between 3 to 5 metals, but the special ones are made of at least seven metals. The quality of the sounds and vibrations that you get from these bowls can tell the difference.

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