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Summer Traveling Tips and Precautions

Whatever is the motive for your summer travel, the essence is that bonding between the family members. So involve them in the decision making process and revel in the cacophony that follows! You will be away from home, travelling to your destination of choice. To keep up with the joy, you should take a few precautions.

o Your house: Let your neighbours know about your trip dates. While you are away, they’d detect whether there are questionable goings-on. If you live in an independent bungalow, you can hire security services from a reputable company.

o Get familiar with your destination: Reserve your tickets and your hotel well in advance to allow you to get the resort of your choice. It’d be excellent to go through customer reviews of its area and the hotel. If you’re driving to your destination, ensure the vehicle is considered “roadworthy” by your garage. Keep the gas tank full. Familiarize with the maps and tour books of this area.

o Fundamental medicines: It’s vital to carry a first aid kit with the necessary medications connected with summer travel – potential diarrhoea, sore throats, allergies and cuts among others. Do not overlook the medicines which are a part of your daily household’s dose. If you have history of a particular illness, carry the doctor reports. Enlist your doctor’s number, and any other numbers that you need to notify in an emergency, under one caption.

Health tips: Do not drink water from public areas. Always drink safe water. Pre-cut fruits have lost lots of nutrients, and host germs so eat fruits that may be washed with safe water. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. Coconut water is a very healthy and safe option. Never venture into sunlight immediately after taking a bath. This may result in a heat stroke.

o Clothes and accessories : Pack cool cottons and lightweight clothing. Stay away from synthetics. Go for thoughtful footwear. Ensure that you include sneakers and hats. The concept of hot clothing and summer journey don’t connect. But if you’re travelling from some hot plains into the cool mountain stations pack a few woollens, caps, as well as socks. Casual clothes make you feel relaxed. Anyway, you could always dress up for dinner, if the event requires it. Never wear expensive jewellery.

o Yourself: If you go for summer travel, leave your ‘identity’ behind. Allow it to rest only on your PAN card, ID evidence or driver’s license. Otherwise, allow yourself to be carefree and adventurous. Do what you might never find time to – go for long walks, be close to nature. Doing things with the entire family is quite cathartic. Avoid an excessive amount of T. V and silly games with your family. Please do remember to smile at people. An answering smile brings back loads of positive energy. Do not forget to tip the staff that looked after you. Rediscover yourself and your family.

Make summertime travel a special one with good memories. Enjoy everything you do and be thankful for a family.

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