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Top Four Benefits of Studying High School Abroad Although study abroad programs are highly popular in college circles, did you know they are also available to high school students? Leaving your friends behind might seem sad, but try looking for a student who went abroad to study and didn’t enjoy love every minute of it. You’ll only be frustrated! Below are the most common advantages of studying high school abroad (and this is only the tip of the iceberg): 1. You have all the time and energy for it. The older we get, the responsibilities we have. Work, spouse or partner, children – you’ll be too tied up to travel to enjoy another country for longer than a typical vacation. If life abroad has always been a dream, start building it now while you still have all the freedom in the world. High schools are often high supportive of students who want to take a year or even a summer to explore something different.
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2. Opportunities are more abundant.
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Not just your freedom dwindles with age, but the opportunities as well that come with youth. Exchange and study abroad programs are only possible because of the structured education system Implemented in schools around the world. Without such a structure to facilitate the exchange, your travel options will be limited to vacations or moving abroad later on in life on your own time. Foreign exchange student programs are fairly easy to be accepted into and are no longer available to after graduation. 3. Learning is easier. In youth, our bodies continue to develop and our brains work at ideal speeds. That is the reason you learn a language far easier and faster as a teenager immersed in a foreign country, than as an older person. Besides, considering the rapid globalization our world is going through, knowing more than one language is always an advantage when it comes to work opportunities. 4. It’s a perfect opportunity to gain a better perspective of the world and where you are in it. Whether we like it or not, we are at the mercy of the places and experiences we are exposed to while growing up. However, that can be changed when we make smart decisions. Every part of the world is unique from another, but you won’t really understand that unless you can experience it first hand. Books and even the world wide web are not adequate. Travel offers people a different view of the world in action and what is important. If you can learn this while you’re young, you’ll be well ahead of your peers in realizing what really matters and what you want in life.