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A logo is a symbol that is adopted by an organization to identify its products and items. The various synonyms used to refer to a logo include; an emblem, graphic mark or symbol. The designing process of logos is through using graphic design. The process of graphic design basically involves the use of photography, illustration and typography for the purpose of problem solving and visual communication. Visual representation of a message is made possible by graphic designers when they convert symbols, images and text. Graphic design has several uses which include; editorial design, corporate design, web design, communication design, product packaging, signage and advertising. Graphic design is applied in other areas that are significant in the day to day life of humans.

The logo design process is quite simple as its divided to mini processes. In order to come up with a logo then the initial graphic design process begins the whole actualize. A creative design brief is built once the needs of the clients have been well understood. Questions asked to the client are meant to develop a clear understanding of their business, industry as well as the issues they have been facing. Some avenues in which the questions are relayed include; over the phone, in person or using an online design questionnaire so as to understand the client better. By having the design brief then designers are able to understand the project well enough.

A document made for the purposes of design or project development during consultation between a client and the designer is the creative design brief. So as to know the clients preferences or ideas then a set of questions are asked during the consultation process. Some of the questions that are common to clients include based on areas involving their business, their consumers and finally the project.

The next step is the research and discovery phase. The phase involving research and discovery involves the following sub processes; client discovery, industry discovery, primary research and finally secondary research. In terms of branding, graphic designers look into the business keenly in the process of client discovery.

Noticing of other issues are detected by graphic designers and had not been mentioned by clients. The graphic design process have solutions that are provided by expert brand consultants upon looking at the current set up of a business. As for industry discovery, graphic designers need to look at the particular niche the client resides in. Graphic designers need to look at the particular niche of the clients as well as that of their competitors in order to consider some good traits or avoid if possible.

When discovery of either client or industry is completed the graphic designer then dwells in primary research.A lot of time is taken through the following primary methods of qualitative and quantitative research. Skipping of the two primary methods of research is done when business invest in low priced logos.

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