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Know the Story of Christopher Pair

It may come as a surprise by some people that the issue of hunger in America is real and that there are families and children who may not have a clue as to when and where their next food would come from. This childhood hunger was experienced firsthand by the person named Christopher Pair, and because of this, the man that he is today is shaped from this condition.

The humble beginning of Christopher came from being a grandson of a Mexican immigrant and the son of a sharecropper. Poverty was escaped by his father through joining the military, but later on left the service and worked as a gardener in order to provide for his family. Most of the time, food was not enough in the house, plus the small amount of food they had was of little value in nutrition. Young Christopher and his family would supplement their income by finding other means to pay for their food, and one was recycling, an activity that they were proud to claim as the first recyclers in California. To buy for their food, they would trade soda cans for money.
Christopher was permanently impacted the experiences of those years, leading him to seek for an early education. With his desire to give others the hope and opportunity for good health and prosperity, Christopher went to direct selling industry. He is now heading a direct selling company that helps millions of people to live a healthier lifestyle.

The circumstances that Christopher had experienced could have held him back, but he rose from it by committing to find solutions and in the end dedicated himself to help others do the same. He decided to join a company where he continued to emphasize his objective of helping people to overcome their own challenges. The company and Christopher shared focus on health and nutrition, thus putting efforts to give nourishment to people in need through their products and by undergoing charitable endeavours.

In June 2018, they partnered enthusiastically with an organization that they find to be reputable and trustworthy, with an authentic mission that they could stand behind. According to Christopher, this organization had delivered their goal in every way, and found it to be authentic, professional and sustainable, plus they believe in their mission.

With the organization as the partner of Christopher and his company, they are making a substantial impact on the hunger crisis in America. To further move on with his goal, Christopher challenges his other executives and companies to match or exceed his donations, and thus able to set new milestones together.

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