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Advantages of Email Marketing over Other Marketing Media Email marketing is not dead for those who are doing it right. And when compared with social media sites, email marketing is believed to be more effective. Building your poll is perhaps one of the best things you can do in building your platform whether in social media outlets or email marketing. For some it could be the number of friends in your social media but in your case, you need to build an email database of those people who are interested in your product, your service, your ideas, or offerings. This is a must have especially since most social media outlets have their own regulatory rules that one has to follow. If there are changes made in privacy or user settings, you cannot longer access those people. This is not similar to having an email where you are in control or the owner of this information. Your email is managed and supervised by none other but yourself. And it is only when the provider shuts down or collapses that you can possibly lose your email address information. But this too is also true with the other social media outlets. This is not like social media outlets when it comes to permission based benefits since receiving emails has a more personal message than social media’s broadcasting to everyone and anyone. And if email marketing is done properly, the receiver is like receiving a package that has been delivered to their particular doorstep and is not like seeing a new item that catches your attention somewhere.
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And, if you are a lot of contacts or friends on social media, the likelihood that they will read or even glance at what you have posted is a lot slimmer compared to people reading the few emails that land on their inbox. When people receive an email they usually filter it to those that truly affects them and deletes those that do not. Your emails have better chances of being read if there are fewer items on the inbox. And since these email recipients are already included in your list, they are the target audience that you need to communicate your message to.
3 Services Tips from Someone With Experience
In 2014 it was shown that the highest ROI if obtained through email marketing over other marketing channels for a thousand web based businesses. Twenty three percent of sales can be attributed to email marketing and this is hardly isolated results. IN whatever aspect you look at it you will see that email marketing has more advantages than ever. It is therefore more obvious to build your email list to maximize the value of your customers and your company revenue. It is also important to remember that your email list is a company asset.

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