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Life Skills in the Classroom Classroom life skills are skills that help students to survive and succeed in the classroom and in the real world. There are several classroom life skills that can help the learner succeed in life such as flexibility, initiative, social skills, productivity, and leadership. What does it mean to be flexible?
A Brief History of Education
Change is something inevitable. One of the critical skills that a student must learn to address the dynamic society and community is to be able to adjust and adapt to the ongoing changes happening. Learners need to quickly realize and determine what is happening around them and they should be able to make the necessary actions to address the situation.
Why People Think Education Are A Good Idea
It is significant that while the student is trying the adjust and adapt to the change, the student must still keep his focus on his end goal which is to succeed. One should not mistake flexibility for being without standard. Keeping one’s eyes focused on the prize of success should still be the main goal supported by the life skill of flexibility as the learner tries to address the changes happening around him or her. Flexibility is required and is rewarded all throughout the inquiry process. Survival requires flexibility. Students are expected to go beyond the normal course of life as they try to discover new things and eventually share them to the world. What is the importance of the classroom life skill initiative? Being initiative is one of the core classroom life skills of an entrepreneurial spirit. Being able to bring forth an idea and bring it to reality is in its proper sense having initiative. Individuals who think like businessmen are required in our every changing society. It is significant that learners are able to set real and realistic goals for their own benefit. With the skill goal setting comes the planning of how the goal is to be met which should be learned by the student. Execution plans for the goals should also be considered when developing the skill of initiative. In the event that the student has already set his or her objectives, laid out the steps he or she will take to reach those objectives, laid out the execution plans for his or her goals, then that is the moment he or she is able to deliver his or her own set of activities. it is the responsibility of the teachers or mentors to teach the students the importance of the inquiry process. By educating the students of the inquiry process, the mentors are able to develop learner to become people with initiatives. As student needs to have initiative to survive.

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